Friday, August 10, 2012

Review #6: ÆRENDEN: THE CHILD RETURNS by Kristen Taber

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Author: Kristen Taber
Publication Date: May 21st, 2012
My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Hey guys! I am friends with the lovely Kristen Taber, who wrote this book. Today is her birthday, so I'm promoting her awesome work! You should all check it out, and spread the word. (The Kindle edition is free on Amazon today!)

17-year-old Meaghan witnesses her parents' death at the hands of evil creatures called Mardróch. Luckily, Meaghan is able to escape from the creatures with her best friend Nick––who tells her that the Mardróch came from another world. And if that's not crazy enough, he and she are from that same world as well. Soon they are off to this world, a land called Ærenden where they begin a dangerous journey to Nick's home. And in the meantime, Meaghan is slowly learning the truth about who she is and where she comes from.

I tend to stay away from epic fantasy type things, since it's not really my favorite genre. However, I found The Child Returns quite enjoyable.

First of all, Kristen is a great writer. I think a lot of fantasy books tend to go overly-flowery in the prose, but Kristen is very to-the-point, while she also is able to capture vivid images and emotions. Her world-building is fantastic and creative––including vines that can strangle people and monkeys that can freeze you with their eyes. Also, Nick and Meaghan are both likable characters. The relationship between them is cute, and I'm curious to see how it develops in the sequels.

Over all, I found Kristen's debut novel to be very exciting and fast-paced, and it left me hungry for more. Can't wait for the sequel! This is an indie book that is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy! :)

(Side note: Oh yeah, I said I'd review CINDER next but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Don't worry, that review is coming soon!)

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